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Dr. Andrea Hendricks

Official Website of Diversity & Inclusion Leader 
and Author, of the innovative new book

The BIG Journey: Bold Inclusion for Greatness

Foreword by Carl Boyd
Midwest Hall of Fame Educator and Executive Director, STOOTS For Booths Campaign

The BIG Journey : Bold Inclusion for Greatness

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Andrea Hendricks, EdD, CDE is an executive who provides strategic vision, guidance, and tactical blueprint in the design, development, and execution of key human resources and diversity and inclusion programs (D&I). Experienced and successful in academic, corporate, and nonprofit environments. Hendricks has a career history of being tapped to establish and build new D&I programs and strengthen existing ones and a creative force who brings bold thinking and fresh perspectives around the D&I framework to build commitment, best practices, and program effectiveness. 

The BIG Journey: Bold Inclusion for Greatness is the power of diversity and inclusion essential for the future of sustainability of every organization. BIG encourages individuals or organizations to build capacity around six diversity and inclusion engagement efforts. Dr. Hendricks has spent over 25 years designing, developing, and delivering comprehensive diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives for major corporations. She has been recognized for her professional contributions to individuals and organizations by assisting them to think about D&I in a BIG way. She has presented numerous keynotes, workshops, and seminars on diversity and inclusion and leadership development.

Open your mind and be prepare to be inspired by a dynamic approach from a thought leader, coach, speaker, and respected diversity and inclusion expert. Dr. Hendricks shares a proven framework to empower individuals and leaders in organizations to leverage, experience, develop and cultivate diversity and inclusion super powers for their environments that will drive positive organizational change and employee engagement. Her work has been praised by top diversity thought leaders. Hendricks lives in Kansas City, Missouri (Lees Summit Area) with her husband, Terrance Hendricks.


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This Big Book comes as a typical crescendo of the wisdom of Dr. Andrea Hendricks whom I have known and worked with for more than a decade. Andrea strongly believes that diversity and inclusion has it foundation in both the cultural and historical perspectives, but should be projected towards the future by creating better workplaces and communities. Her Big Book will certainly leave you with a strong understanding of well-grounded sets of research-based strategies that can be applied to create harmony in any multicultural environments.

Andrea Hendricks is special and a Diversity educator to thousands. The B.I.G. Book will be valued. Proud to support and promote it. Salute Andrea for her contributions to the field of diversity and inclusion. Now does everyone know she has a Doctorate in Psychology and Policy Analysis, combined with her degrees in Human Development Psychology along with Mass Communications? Know she can maneuver any time, anywhere. Wicked smart. Thanks for all you do for women and the underserved. A BIG book from a large leader.

I stand in awe of Dr. Andrea Hendricks’ honesty, determination, courage, and passion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Andrea will push the reader to think differently about how we approach diversity and inclusion today and in the future. By engaging today’s leaders, Andrea will get them into the right mindset to champion change, and become courageous leaders.

Executive Director,
SHRM of Greater KC, Missouri State and Illinois State Council of SHRM

President & CEO,
All World Languages

Diversified Search, Founder/ Chair,
STEMconnector and MWM;
Diversity Best Practices

This book is so needed at this time! Bias and ingroup favoritism, whether conscious or unconscious, threaten to hinder us reaching the tipping point when it comes to global, multicultural diversity and inclusion. The global business community needs to keep focused on real and practical diversity and inclusion efforts if we are to keep moving the needle! Dr. Andrea Hendricks is my “go to” resource for diversity and inclusion.

It is my honor to offer praise for Andrea and her book. Dr. Hendricks is a consummate professional who easily and expertly shares her knowledge of diversity and inclusion. She is also a model of how to bring together diverse people for the betterment of society. We have never needed her perspective and passion as much as we do now, in our country and in our world.

Andrea has provided in her book, an honest, straightforward analysis of how to understand and leverage the concepts of Diversity and Inclusion within an organization to drive sustainable business results and positively impact the corporate culture.  This is a must-read for ALL EXECUTIVES.

Executive Adviser and 
Retired VP of Human Resources 

Perspective Consulting

Connie Russell Coaching & Consulting

Andrea is a leader’s leader in championing diversity and inclusion in all aspects of her personal life, organizational advancement, and community development. Her “heart and hands” are SO uplifting to serve others as she walks the talk of embracing those around her to be their very best and to meet people where they are...I’ve had the pleasure to know Andrea for several years and inspired by her abilities and talent to engage and encourage individuals and teams to truly believe they can be their best no matter what their background, circumstances or hurdles in life...

Andrea is a mentor to many and coaches those around her to strive to use their God-given gifts to make this world a better place in spite of the uncertainty we all face daily... I’m honored and humbled to call Andrea a friend and confident the book will be an inspiration to many including me. DAVID BYRD,
National Executive Leader, YMCA

In The Press


Andrea D. Hendricks, Ed.D., CDE


Dr. Andrea Hendricks has held roles in academic, corporate, and nonprofit environments with responsibilities in human resources, diversity, and organizational development. She works strategically with leaders to seamlessly embed comprehensive diversity engagement strategies and best practices across several organizations. Hendricks is a graduate of Kansas State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Development Psychology and Mass Communications and a Master of Science in Student Counseling Psychology and Personnel Services. She also earned a Doctorate in Educational Psychology and Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri -Columbia.  Andrea has received a Certificate in Diversity Leadership from the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM).

Over the years, locally, regionally, and nationally, Dr. Hendricks has presented on diversity, student success, and leadership development. To name a few, she has been a guest speaker/presenter at the SHRM Missouri state conference, FBI Diversity Conference, Diversity MBA Conference, Business Leadership Network Disabilities Conference, National Conference Board Diversity Academy, Central Exchange Women’s Leadership Conference, National Eagle Leadership Institute, MDOT Diversity Conference, National Urban League EOI Institute and many more. 


As an active citizen in the Kansas City community, Andrea participates in several professional and community organizations.  Those organizations include: National World War I Museum, YMCA, United Way,  Awesome Ambitions, Women Business Collaborative, Executive Women’s Leadership Council and  KC Rising. She is an active member of the Central Exchange, Greater Kansas City (MO) Links, Inc., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Black Achievers Society of Kansas City and United Way Women’s Leadership Council. In 2020, Hendricks received the ACE Award from the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.  In 2019, she received two recognitions:  the Black Achiever’s Lifetime Award and the Black Healthcare Coalition Equity Award.  In 2017, she received the Heartland Black Chamber of a Commerce Heart Award for excellence in Greater Kansas City's community service. In 2013, Dr. Hendricks received the NAACP of Kansas City community leader award.   In addition, she was recognized by the Women’s Foundation in 2012 for her commitment to women’s issues.   In 2011, she received a Peak Performance award for her continued commitment to leadership excellence from the National Eagle Leadership Institute and in November 2010, she received national leadership recognition from the National Eagle Leadership Institute for her stellar work in the area of corporate diversity and inclusion.  In 2008, she was inducted into the Black Achiever's Society in Kansas City. In 2003, she received the Greater Kansas City Mayors Citizen of the Month award.  

Enjoy the

BIG Journey


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Dr. Hendrick's Vitae




Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Power of Diversity ACE Award


Black Achiever's Outstanding Leader Award

Black Health Care Coalition Equity Award


Heartland Black Chamber of Commerce Heart Award


NAACP Community Leader Award


Women's Foundation Community Leader Award


National Eagle Leadership Institute Peak Performance Award

2010 and before

2010 - National Eagle Leadership Institute Diversity Leader Stellar Award 
2009 - Black Achiever’s Society Induction 
2005 - Beta Lambda Alpha Phi Alpha Women of the Year Award 
2003 - Greater Kansas City Citizen of the Month of May Award
2003 - Who’s Who Black Kansas City Leadership Award 
2002 - Destination Kansas City Newcomer Award
2002 - Ingram’s Magazine Outstanding Leader Award
2001 - Centurions Leadership Program Member 
2001 - Future Leaders Outreach Network Future Leaders Eagle Award 
2000 - Future Leaders Outreach Network Future Leaders Eagle Award 
2000 - National Council/Student Development Top Finalist Terry O’Bannion Shared Journey Award
1999 - Future Leaders Outreach Network Future Leaders Eagle Award 
1997 - The Kansas City Globe 100 Most Influential African Americans Award

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Diversity Duo (Hardback) $40.00

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The Big Journey Project:
Bold Inclusion For Greatness

with illustrations done by Natacha Beauchamp

The BIG Journey Project shows young readers how one girl finds inspiration through a class project and working collaboratively with her friends. As they embark to discover the true meaning of diversity and inclusion, this heartwarming story embraces differences that exists in many communities with ethnically diverse families and various cultural traditions.

the big journey project.png

Hardback $15.00

available here

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Diversity Woman 

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April 2019

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March 2019

The BIG Journey Cerner CNO Conference 

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